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Editing your website in IMS is easy!

Creating or revising a web page by the conventional method is time consuming and a real head ache…
outsourcing design work (typical time-frame)

• Collate website content to supply to web designer
• Source a suitable web designer
• Briefing meeting with web designer
• Web designer presents design for comment
• Designer revises content/layout as requested
• Final meeting to approve finished web page
• New web page finally gets published to your website

Average time to completion with outsourcing = 1 - 7 days!

The IMS way.... (creating a new page by IMS)

1. Select your website content in MS Word, Works, Word Perfect, or any other text editing application and paste into the IMS editor.
2. Open the IMS image wizard and browse your computer to locate any photos or images you need.
3. Adjust image size, cropping, etc. then publish images to your website and insert into the web page.
4. Publish your finished web page, or submit it to your company's website administrator for final approval.

Average completion time = less than 30 minutes!
The IMS system has an exhaustive list of features that we would love to demonstrate to you. If you would like a demonstration please contact us. However the following pages will give an insight into its user-friendly nature.
We will demonstrate...

• the main control panel
• the text editor functions
• the foolproof and Internet-friendly image processor

The following pages will show you how easy it is!

Creating & Editing Text | Processing & Adding Images | Search Engine Optimisation Page

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