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Adding The Facebook "Like" Button To Your Website    Facebook Like icon

Last week Facebook announced some rather dramatic improvements that enable their 1.1 billion users to more easily list websites they 'like' on their personal Facebook pages. This consists of a small Facebook icon with bearing word "Like".

The implications and potential for your business are enormous.

To take advantage of this Facebook marketing opportunity we download and personalise the Facebook "Like" code for your domain. Once we have done that we add the "Like" code and button to your website. Once that has been done the button will look like the example above.

What's it all cost?... (I hear you ask)

Not very much... we are offering all our current clients a $100 discount
for all orders placed before the 28th of May.

This means you only pay ... $197.00!

Click here to order the Facebook "Like" button for your website now!

The above brief description is for those people who are extremely 'time-poor', or want to grab their Facebook button ASAP. For a more detailed explanation of the absolute importance of adding this feature to your website, please read on...

The great value of Facebook is due to the intense 'networking' that is carried out by most members. As a result, friends of friends, of friends propogate information and if your website appeals to a certain niche of members, it can spread in a similar fashion to a virus.

A typical installation of the Facebook "Like" code on a website

Facebook Like Button for websites

We also create professional Facebook advertising campaigns that are very effective, and we note our advertising clients will typically pay for a 100 clicks and have 5 to 10 times as many visits from other Facebook members. Hence the value of being 'Liked' on a massive networking site such as Facebook. 
Of course, with this "Like" button, any traffic you receive as a result from Facebook members is absolutely FREE :-))

 How your website link will appear on a Facebook Profile after it has been 'Liked'

Adding the Like Button from Facebook

Once a Facebook member has clicked the "Like" button, your website will be visible on the 'Wall' of that member's Facebook Profile. The 'Friends' network aspect of Facebook is incredibly powerful and friends are always checking out friends they find on other Facebook pages. When they see one of their friends 'likes' your website, chances are extremely good they will take a look and, possibly click your "Like" button and add your site to their Facebook page.

In addition, once your website is added to their profile, they can also broadcast it to all their friends, put it into their Newsfeed, among other things. All of which adds up to significant free promotion for your website and business.

While nobody is claiming Facebook will put Google out of business any-time-soom, it is certainly capable of developing the single, most effective search engine and local business directory on the planet.

You have the great opportunity to be one of the first businesses to add Facebook's "Like" facility to your website. And... we are offering a $100 discount to all our existing clients, reducing the standard price from $297.00 to only $197.00 incl. GST

With the addition of the "Like" button to your website, any Facebook user visiting your website can add your site to to their personal Facebook page
with a single mouse click (Click Here to order the "Like" button for your website).

 Or... if you need more information, just fill out the following Enquiry Form and I will contact you immediately.

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