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Great Results For Cosmetic Surgeons With Google Adwords

 I specialise in promoting Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery clients on Google.

If you can spare a couple of minutes, I would like to explain how I can help you benefit from my extensive experience in promoting Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery using Google's pay-per-click (PPC) Adwords advertising.

As a result of spending over 
five years  promoting a leading cosmetic surgeon's medical practice, I have now decided to enlarge my Cosmetic Surgery client base. Specifically, I am looking to discover a 'good fit' with just one single client in each Australian capital city.

My service comes with an Exclusivity Guarantee that once appointed, yours will be the only clinic and surgeon promoted by my company, within your state.

Naturally, we have huge amounts of statistical data, collected over many years, and we use this to help you...

  •  Be on the Front Page of Google for your most important keywords!
  • Attract highly targeted visitors to your website
  • Avoid chasing expensive keywords that do not create quality leads
  • Only target keywords that create new business
  • Stop your ads from showing to people who have no intention of using your services
    (*negative kewyords stop your ads displaying and this dramatically lowers costs!)
  • Accurately measure and account for every $$$ spent
  • Low cost, and no lock-in contracts (stop any time you wish)

The following 3 minute *video will explain exactly how Google Adwords can generate new clients for your business:
(*WinXP users will need to use Google Chrome browser to view)

The next image shows you how and/or where Google Adwords display your website on a search results page. 

Adwords for cosmetic surgery clinics

So if you are looking for a Google marketing consultant who knows the difference between 'Rhinoplasty' and 'rhytidectomy', or understands that 'Blepharoplasty' relates to eyelids, then be assured we understand all the terms.

More importantly, we know exactly what variations and synonyms of these keywords people type into Google when they are getting close to making a buying decision.

I also understand the long lead time involved between a person's initial research and finally committing to a buying decision (and how the keywords they use, vary with time). This data is critical to ensuring your PPC campaign is cost effective.

If you are interested in becoming my exclusive cosmetic/plastic surgery client in your capital city, please give me a call on Tel: 0437 578 897 during business hours, or fill out the following enquiry form, and I shall contact you at a time convenient to you:

To show you are a person filling in this form rather than a spamming script, what day of the week comes after Tuesday

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