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Add The Google Plus 1 Button To Your Website

Google's Answer to the Facebook 'Like' button

Add this to your website TODAY, or you'll risk falling behind the pack!

OK, now I've got your attention I can sense some questions building up out there :-)

Such as...Google +1 Button Logo. How to add Google Plus One to your website.

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • Why do I need Google +1 on my website?

What is the Google +1
This small icon is associated with some Google Javascript code sitting behind it to make it work.  We can install it for you on every page of your website.

What does it do?
It enables Google to measure the popularity of a web page. When anyone with a Google account, such as Gmail, iGoogle, Adwords, etc. clicks on the "+1" icon on your website, Google records that person 'likes' that particular page on your site. This is going to used in many ways by Google. Of course, one of the most obvious ways it will be used is for ranking websites in search results. Obviously, when all else is equal, a website with more 'likes' will outrank one with less popularity.

Why is Google doing this?
At present, Google has billions of users. However, unlike Facebook, it doesn't know the age, sex, marital status, likes/dislikes, location, etc. of any of them. By encouraging people to create a 'Profile' which will be associated with their Google account, they will collect some useful demographic data from their users. Once a significant user base builds up, they will then be able to analyse marketing trends such as,... 'Approximately 65% of visitors to Site X or Site Z are in the 18 - 25 year age group, etc.". Google can then use this demographic data to display more appropriate search results and/or paid ads to people in their network (Which they are currently calling the Google 'Circle'). In addition to the +1 feature, Google is also looking at allowing account holders to create 'Circles' of friends and associates. Google is  intent on creating a social networking feature in an attempt to compete with Facebook.

Why do I need the +1 icon on my website?
To keep up with your competitors! This is a real no-brainer. When Google goes to the trouble of adding an application like this to their mainstream search engine business, you can bet your last dollar, this is going to become a very powerful part of their search engine ranking system, and it will most probably happen with extreme speed.

Remember it was only a few short years ago, people were asking "What is Twitter?", and the majority of people said, "Facebook is only for kids!". Don't ignore this one....  Don't get left behind... do it now!

What Will It Cost?
Not much at all... just $97.00!

How do I order the +1 button? 

To order, simply enter your details in the form below. We will send you an invoice, and contact you to confirm your order and payment arrangements. Then we'll make your website Google  +1 -ready! 

Order today and take advantage of this latest website marketing tool from the world's largest search engine.

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