How To Force a Hyperlink to Open a New Browser Window

Instructions for our Internet Marketing Solution IMS clients

The following tutorial will show you how to insert an 'in-page' text link and make it open in a new browser window. This provides you with the benefit of still keeping your website open on the visitors computer, while surfing the off-site website in a new browser. If your visitor then closes the new browser down, your website will still be visible to the visitor.

Step 1

Highlight the text you wish to include in the link you are creating.

Internet Marketing Solution - opening a new browser window

Step 2

Click the "Insert A Link" icon in the main edit toolbar.

Search Engine Marketing - opening a link in a new browser window

Step 3

The 'Insert/Modify Link' popup screen will appear. Click the dropdown arrow adjacent to the 'Target' field and select "New Window".

Inserting a link to open in a new browser window

Step 4

Type in the external website domain name, or full URL if it is going to a page within the website rather than the home page and click the "OK" button.

Search engine consultants - opening a link in a new window

Step 4

Check the "Submit for publishing" check box and click the "Save article" button at the bottom of the main edit screen.

Step 5

Return to 'Main Menu' and publish the page that you have just created the link on.

Instructions for other web designers or DIY website owners

Firstly, if you are using a WYSIWYG web design tool like Front Page or Dream Weaver, you will be able to find an option relating to the 'Target' for any link you are inserting. Simply ask it to make the target '_blank' or 'New Window', depending on the specific tool you are using.

If you are editing the HTML code, you need to use the target HTML code for a new window which is:

(target="_blank")  but without the brackets '( )'. The following examples show the HTML for opening in the same window, and the code for opening a new window.

Open link in same window

link text same window

Open link in new window
link text new window

Please feel free to contact me should you require any further advice.

John Crago

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