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Searchsight Search Engine - improve your quality inbound links with this directoryAt present Google is applying credibility to any links appearing on Quality inbound links are important to any website's rankings for searches done on Google. In an effort to reduce spamming, Google now carefully rates the 'quality' of any website posting a link to your site.

Unless Google approves of the quality of the website, or considers it to be relevant to the content on your website, it will often fail to record a link. Particularly if it considers it to be from a 'bad neighbourhood' a link farm, spammy directory, etc. Fortunately, at the moment, this major search engine appears to be applying considerable credibility to links coming from the Searchsight directory. Therefore we strongly suggest you take the time to 1) check if you are already listed, and... 2) spend a few minutes submitting your website if not already in their index.

Website submission procedure

We strongly suggest you spend a few minutes and list on this important directory in accordance with the following simple procedure:

  1. Check to see if your website is already listed by visiting their Listing Search page and typing your domain into the search box, after the 'http://......'
    NB: Please DO NOT submit your site again if it is already listed in their directory (doing so, could get you dropped from their directory!).
  2. Visit the 'Submit Your Site' page at
  3. Spend some time carefully selecting the most appropriate category for your website. This is one of the things they stress in their guidelines, so please follow the rules. Under no circumstance submit to more than one category, as this is a well managed directory and they do not welcome spammers.
  4. Provide 'country', 'postcode' and 'email' information as requested.
  5. Once completed and accepted, a confirmation of your listing will be sent to the email address supplied with your submission.

Checking your incoming links on Google

To check incoming links to your website in Google, simply go to the Google search page and the following query into the search box:
(link: replace '' with your own domain name, but without the '( )'.

Hint: You can also use this command to check out links to any of your competitors (just type in their domain name, instead of your own)!  One benefit of checking up on your competitors is the occasional discovery of other directories and/or websites that may also be willing to provide links to your site, thus providing even more assistance with your rankings on Google.

More search engine optimisation information

Should you have any questions or comments on the above article, please contact the writer, John Crago, on:


Telephone: 0437 578 897

Skype ID: johncrago

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